Recap From 2014

LadyHacks 2014 Partners with Women Techmakers on International Women's Day

The second Philadelphia LadyHacks took place on International Women’s Day and hosted 80 participants, a 20% increase over the first year. This number includes 16 technologists who donated their time and skills to serve as mentors, six volunteers who assisted with logistics, and six planning committee members. Roughly one third of our attendees were students, about 10% of attendees were women contemplating a career change into tech, and half of participants were women who currently work in the industry.

Projects spanned a wide range of technologies, from open source platforms to Google Glass to the Microsoft stack. Participants worked in Ruby, Java, PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, designed in Photoshop, created storyboards, pulled in open data using APIs, and collaborated via GitHub. Project subjects ranged from applications to connect women and girls in STEM to keeping women safe to educational games with STEM motifs.

The hackathon raised $1,074 for TechGirlz, which wouldn't have been possible with the generosity of our 2014 sponsors: PipelineDeals, First Round Capital, Yikes, Inc., Monetate, Azavea, Play Eternal, Girl Develop It, Girl Geek Dinners,  The Hacktory, Think Brownstone, and Duck Duck Go.

Participant Blogs

Corey Latislaw's Storify: Women Techmakers + LadyHacks
(March 10, 2014)

Women Techmakers events are geared toward increasing visibility, community and resources for technical women in the computing industry. LadyHacks is a civic hackathon that empowers future female involvement in the tech community….

Pam thewebivore: LadyHacks 2014 Recap: Great folks, great teams, see you there next year!
(March 10, 2014)

This weekend, I spent my Friday night and Saturday at LadyHacks, the local women*-only hackathon….

She Tech Philly: LadyHacks: An Introduction to Hackathons
(February 28, 2014)

It's difficult to pinpoint one defining moment that made me want to focus on tech, but I know that LadyHacks solidified it….


Government Technology: Philly Hackers Map Home Listings to Neighborhood Crime
(March 28, 2014)

Women's hacker group, LadyHacks, creates app that maps crime and property listings together…. Philly: LadyHacks II: 8 Projects at Second Annual, Female-Focused Hackathon
(March 14, 2014)

In celebration of International Women's Day last weekend, 80 local developers and students gathered to collaborate on projects for the city's second annual LadyHacks, a hackathon geared at getting more women involved in the tech community….

NewsWorks: Philly Tech Week warns it won't tolerate harassment of women
(March 4, 2014)

Christina Farr, a reporter for VentureBeat, says that it's a joke at tech conferences that there's never a line for the women's bathroom….